I am working in a different job role other than what’s on my CPR or my work permit, what shall I do to update my occupation on LMRA’s system?
Posted on 01 June 2014 01:43 PM

Both employers and employees are restricted and fully prohibited from violating the conditions of the work permit. Employers should not assign work or allow the employee to perform a different job role apart from the one mentioned in the valid work permit.

The responsibility is shared between the employee and the employer in case of work permit violations and they will be subject to the penalties specified in Article (36) of Act No. 19 for 2006.

If employees see that their actual job role is different from what is on their work permit, they should ask their employer to correct this situation by applying for occupation change with LMRA, if the employer refuses to do so; employees should report the case to LMRA in order to clear their part.

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