Inspection- Offence Removal Requirements
Posted on 10 May 2016 09:54 AM

1. Copy of valid Commercial Registration Certificate (CR should be active/renewed).

2. Copy of the latest electricity bill (receipt of paid amount is required if the bill contains disconnection notification).

3. Copy of the ID card of the applicant (must be the owner or the authorized person in EMS).

4.  Photos for the establishment premises from inside and outside along with the signboard and address photos.

5. Copy of the payroll for the last 3 months along with the attendance record.

6. Contact number for owner and Authorized person.

For construction sector:

1.  Work load evidence (including signed service and work contracts). Work sites photos are required.

 (5 workers or more): recent signed agreements and the main and sub-contracts; construction permits; all work sites addresses, procurements; etc.  For transportation and shipment sector: copy of vehicles ownership and insurance along with photos for the vehicles and the yard.  For import and export sector (4 workers or more): import and goods purchase evidence.

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